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The scope of services provided at the clinic includes the following areas of care:

  • ABI Doppler (Ankle - Brachial Index) * Compares BP in your ankle to BP in your arm to check blood flow in your limbs

  • Acute Illness * Fever * Cough * Sore Throat * Allergies * Sudden Pain * Respiratory Issues * Nausea * UTI * Minor Burns * Migraines * Skin Conditions * STD's * Ear Infections 

  • Audiometry Screen * Tests your ability to hear sounds based on intensity (loudness) and the tone (speed of sound wave vibrations)

  • Chronic Disease Management *Heart Disease * Chronic Lung Disease (COPD) * Diabetes * Alzheimer Disease * Kidney Disease * Arthritis * Asthma * Obesity 

  • DOT/Employee Health * Dept of Transportation Physical is a necessary test for those who drive commercial motor vehicles(CMV)  * Brady Act * Fireman Screening

  • EKG * Electrocardiogram checks for possible heart disease: Rhythm * Blood Flow * Thickened Heart Muscle

  • Geriatrics * UTI * Dementia * Sleep Issues * Osteoporosis * Low Body Mass * Immobility * Foot Issues * Vision Issues

  • Immunizations (Adult and Children) * Influenza * Tetanus (Tdap) * Diphtheria * Pertussis *  Measles, Mumps, Rubella (MMR) * Varicella (VAR) * Human Papillomavirus (HPV) * Pneumococcal (PCV13) * Hepatitis A (HepA) * Hepatitis B (HepB) * Merderna COVID Vaccine * Hib * Rotavirus * IPV * Pneumovax * Meningococcal * Shingrix 

  • Laboratory Services * Quest Diagnostics Reference Lab  with Phlebotomist on site.  We also offer point of care for Flu * Strep * Pregnancy * Glucose * Urinalysis * COVID

  • Medication Management for Depression, Anxiety, PTSD and Bipolar Disorder * Genesight Testing is offered to use your DNA to predict how your body will respond to certain medications 

  • Minor Office Surgery * Cryotherapy * Mole Removal * Shave Excision * Wound Treatment

  • Naltrexone and Vivitrol Treatment for Substance Abuse Disorder * TN Dept Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services 1-855-CRISIS-1; 1-855-274-7471 * SAMHSA Nat'l Hotline 1-800-662-HELP (4357) 

  • Pediatrics * Newborn Care * Adolescent and Teen Care * Sports Physicals

  • Preventive Medicine (Adult Physical Exams and Well-Child Checks) * Adult Physicals * Well-Child Check * Cologuard * Smoking Cessation * Hypertension, Cholesterol, Diabetes and Vision Screenings  

  • Pulmonary Function Testing (Flow Loop) Tests if airflow is appropriate for lung volume.

  • Telehealth Visits * Access health care services remotely

  • Women’s Health * Birth Control * STD Treatment * Well Woman Exam * Menopause & Hormone Therapy * Sexual Health

  • X-ray and Minor Fracture Care  * Chest * Lumbar Spine * Extremities (Shoulder, Knee, Ankle, Hip, Arm, Leg, Hand)

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We are proud to partner with Quest Diagnostics with an in-house phlebotomist performing laboratory services for our patients. Click on the picture above to be directed to Quest's website for further information.*

*Please note that we previously utilized PathGroup Labs for our laboratory testing. If you have received or have questions regarding a bill from PathGroup, please contact them directly at 855-627-4002.

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