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In the last decade the practice of hormone replacement therapy has been the subject of intense research and controversy. Importantly, many studies have shown that it is essential to use only hormones that perfectly imitate the actual ones that our body makes. These types of hormones are often referred to as bioidentical hormones. They have the exact molecular structure as naturally occurring testosterone, estrogen and progesterone produced in the testicles and/or ovaries. We only prescribe bioidentical hormones because it guarantees that our patients will reap the most benefit while experiencing the fewest side effects possible.

You will be prescribed bioidentical testosterone in one of two ways:

        1.)  Topical testosterone called Pexagel or

     2.) very small pellets called troches (pronounced 'tro-keys') that dissolve under your tongue or when placed between your lips and  gums.

We use a pharmacy in Nashville called Androgen Labs. Once we send them your prescription, the pharmacy will call you for the payment, then mail the product directly to your home.

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